Friday, October 15, 2010

Denim for the Day: Is That Even Denim?

Posted on 4:04 PM by Gina Colonette

This is a yes!

Oh Hilary Duff how we love thee. Here she is wearing Current/Elliot jeans: The Skinny Jean in Dust Destroy. They are the perfect fit for her. Not to tight and not too baggy. These jeans love her curves, although it looks to me like she bought them a size bigger. They look so much better that way, cuffed and all. These jeans are a bit rugged but you can dress them up with accessories, just like Hilary did. I'm not a fashion stylist; so I'm not going to tell you how to do that. But don't you love these jeans? Go girl! You get a gold star. At least from me. Hilary's jeans are regularly priced at $220, but you can get them on sale at for $124!

This is a no!

I've been seeing these jeans a lot. J Brand 962 Agnes in black sateen, and I hate it. First of all, sateen is a strong cotton fabric weaved like silk to give a soft feel and shiny look. That alone tells us it is not denim and I thought denim was required to make JEANS! 

Okay, even if this was denim the fit, well...doesn't fit. These pants are always bunching at the thigh. It looks like Rihanna's leg can't even breathe. I don't want to bash these "pants," but they are not jeans. On a positive note the shape and design of the pants are great. If this was made of denim it would be a sexy jean. I love the zippers on the side, zippers are always cool. What do you think? Would you buy these pants for $218?

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