Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Too Much "Ass" in Advertisements

Posted on 5:22 PM by Gina Colonette

It seems The Wall Street Journal has a problem with the language being used in a new Levi advertisement. No longer is behind and derriere acceptable, ass is where it's at. I guess WSJ prefers backside, buttocks, or that which pokes out in the back.

I think this is a great ad that Levi created. I'm not sure any other word would have fit in as well. If you ask me those people who shouldn't be using the word ass (children) can't even read. So what's the problem? I will say if the use of the word ass has generally been seen as inappropriate for commercials, then Mr. Levi, please leave it out!

What do you think about the Levis ad?

Old Navy has an interesting advertisement as well. I'm glad denim companies are paying more attention to women's butts. Butts in jeans, or rather butts NOT in jeans, have been an issue for years. Some people's butts are much bigger than their waists so when one part fits into one size the other part doesn't. Hopefully the jeans Levi and Old Navy are creating will also save the rest of us from seeing any more ass cracks. Remember kids, crack is wack!

Old Navy Advertisment via The Huffington Post

(Levi photo comes from The Huffington Post)

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