Sunday, October 10, 2010

Denim Trendsetters: Men's Edition

Posted on 8:22 PM by Gina Colonette

Three fresh denim brands for every man's style. Gents when you go denim shopping don't forget to pick something up for the ladies. What's your style?

Mr. Down and Dirty

Film school graduate Henry Hall is a self-taught fashion designer. Rough patches, cuts and dark fades give for a rustic look in his men’s denim. You’re not going to a dinner party in these jeans, but will make you a noticeable trend setter whenever you're out on the street. If you like to get down and dirty, these jeans are perfect to bring along for the ride. (Price: $159 plus shipping)

Gift time for the ladies: Pick up one of Hall’s teddy shirts, she’ll love the adorable bear on front, and you’ll love the sexy fit on her.

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Mr. Adventure-Land

If you find yourself flipping through men’s fashion magazines for the latest styles, this is the jean for you. These jeans are daring for the your adventurous side. If you're ready to have some fun; slide into these jeans. V43 jeans keep with this spring 2011's trend by staying away from the clean indigo color. Here you will find acid washes, black jeans, and the lightest of washes, barely blue! (Available in spring and summer 2011)

Gift time for the ladies: Get her ready for spring with some acid wash denim shorts. 

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Mr. Statement Maker

Modernity and uniqueness are at the core of this brand. Black Premium Affliction will leave you with a fashion statement in the front and the back. You can choose from a simple design on the back pocket to a more extravagant one with buttons to add some extra flash. Moderately priced, you can go from day to night with the same pair of jeans. (Price: $98-$195)          

Gift time for the ladies: While you're selecting your jeans find a matching pair for Ms. Modern, with even more back pocket designs to choose from. 

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