Sunday, October 17, 2010

What Does Lauren Conrad Know About Jeans?

Posted on 8:40 PM by Gina Colonette

So Lauren Conrad, former "The Hills" cast member, knows something about jeans. She was on the Rachel Ray Show, busting myths and styling different fits of jeans. She didn't really say much of what I didn't know already, and I am speaking from the point of view of an average jeans shopper. But here are some of her tips:

  • You don't have to be skinny to wear skinny jeans
    • Yea, I know. "Skinny jeans," is simply the fit of the jeans. I'm a skinny person and I actually can't fit into the skinniest of skinny jeans, because my ankles are smaller than my hips (but aren't all of ours?)
  • Bootcut jeans are flattering on almost any body type, the flare at the bottom balances out hips
    • I love bootcut jeans for a clean casual look, it's a bit of an older look for me, but still a great look in my book. 
  • You can wear boyfriend jeans with a flat or a heel and a blazer
    • Boyfriend jeans are so sexy. Who would have thought not showing off all your curves could make you look even sexier? Boyfriend jeans are great because they are so versatile, and trendy!
Thank you Ms. Conrad. And how can we forget Rachel Ray, she is a riot. I love the interaction between the two. Sorry Rachel, no matter how much preparation you did before the show, you still don't know anything about jeans. 

What's your flavorite?

(Picture from Kohl's spring 2010 collection)

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