Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Denim For Everything But Jeans

Posted on 11:34 PM by Gina Colonette

Ever wonder what you can do with an old pair of jeans besides donate them? Apparently there are lots of things you can do and all you need is an idea and a sewing machine- or a good tailor (for folks like myself). I stumbled upon a blog that listed 65 things you can do with denim. Most of the suggestions were lame, but I found a couple of great ideas. Put your creative hat on and try some of these out! Here are my top and bottom five. 

The Good Stuff
  • Make a jean skirt-This is great, your high-water or over warn jeans have done their job now onto another, hugging your curves in a skirt or shorts. The skirt they have shown on this website is hideous. I suggest leave the extra (ugly) girly fabrics out and go for something simple, or use more denim material.
  •  A bag made of overalls- If you actually own a pair of overalls this is a good way to use them- instead of wearing them, unless you live on a farm of course (just kidding, I love overall shorts). This bag is adorable and sturdy- two handles!
  • Zippered travel pouches- You may need to be a sewing machine expert to pull this off but wouldn't it be great? It's original too. I know I haven't seen one of these. If you want something bigger a make-up case or shaving kit would be interesting to try too. 
  • Eye glass case-Sunglasses or reading glasses, whichever you use you can always use an eye glass case at one point. You don't need too much material to make this, so make two or three for you and your friends. Plus this is a non-expert sewing task. My kind of gig.
  • Make a hot-pack- I have a bean bag hot pack and it is a life-saver. This is something that can be done so easily with one leg of your old jeans. You can fill it with rice or beans and your good to go. If you don't want to use it as a hot-pack-well at least you will have a bean bag.

I have to admit, it was extremely hard to choose the bad ones, because there were so many! Here are the winners, or losers rather:

Please Don't Try This at Home

  • Table runners- Now I don't know where you live, but a denim table runner just isn't classy. In this case keep the denim on your jeans- not your table.
  • Make slippers- I realize you wear slippers in the comfort of your own home, but denim slippers? That's just unnecessary. 
  • Patterned vest- A denim vest is a fashion statement of its own. To add a pattern is a problem. Also, I can't imagine where you would start in creating a vest out of your jeans. Non sewing experts please step away from this idea- ASAP.
  • A casserole carrier- First of all I didn't know there was such a thing. Denim just doesn't belong in the kitchen or the living room, period.
  • Waste basket cover- I'm not going to even get into why a waste basket needs a cover, but no, no, no. Don't do this- please!

There you have it, the do's and dont's of how to resuse your old denim. If non of this sparks your creative interests you can stick to the good old donation method. Whichever you choose it's a good deal.

Happy sewing!


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