Thursday, October 14, 2010

Your Late, Denim Wash

Posted on 3:54 PM by Gina Colonette

Dawn Timmeney of WHEC-TV (some broadcast station in Rochester) did a news story on not washing yours jeans. She's a little behind the Denim Lounge, but hey, mainstream media is catching on to the trend. For every one person in her story who said they would never wear their jeans for six months without a wash, there are hundreds who would. 

The point of not washing your jeans, as I have stated here before, is to create an original pair of jeans unique to you. I'm not going to tell just anybody to do this. But if you spend $350 dollars on a pair of jeans why not create something new, instead of wearing the same jeans everyone else is wearing. 

Is anyone convinced yet? Are you looking up where to buy the best raw denim right now? I think I'm going to take the leap, not sure where I will land yet, or what jeans will land on me!

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Also, check out some of the comments under the story, oh consumers!

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