Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Stay Connected

Posted on 1:13 AM by Gina Colonette

Denim lovers, denim likers and denim wearers. Stay tuned into the Denim Lounge for all your denim needs. But, there are some other great blogs that can keep you updated as well. Check them out.

Keeping you in the know: Share your passions and connect with mentors at Levi's new site Shape What's to Come.

7 for All Mankind sample sale is still going in Chicago starts in two days! RSVP, don't miss out!

Also, the results of the last poll: What do you think of men wearing skinny jeans?**** 66% hate it, 38% are indifferent, 11% love it, and 5% would wear it. Thanks for voting. No prizes this time, just the satisfaction of knowing what everyone else has been thinking about men in skinny jeans.


Retiring my jeans for the night.

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